We Are A Real Theatre Company aims to create theatre, live art and performance which is not only groundbreaking and innovative, but which pushes the limitations of theatrical form, through a synthesis of philosophy, theory and practice.

It is a strong belief of the company that theatre and art can and should be accessible on many levels to all audiences, in order to encourage the growth of culture and the arts across communities, also reaching those with less exposure to experimental art forms.

The company’s latest performances were at Camden Image Gallery, with two scratch showings of the first and second in a series of experimental performance lectures; the first combining live music, Morris dance, Merce Cunningham and popular culture. The second explored metamodern tropes, combining Meyerhold, Shakespeare, Star Wars, multimedia, and the revolutionary chair exercise (Hodgson, 2010).┬áMore information on the Morris performance here.

James and Jake are currently in the process of developing a new piece involving Shakespeare and A New Hope.